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In 2015, two people had the vision to bring quality media content to a new people and new areas. Their vision was to take over the media industry in Spring Hill and still is today.

Founders: Andrew Warren, Javen Crandall


2016 saw the first changes come to AWJC Media with our all new Verse of the Day. We began to make quality Christian media content that had a new life and a breath of fresh air included. Our original logo was scrapped for the previous one, our well-known and -missed Convergence logo.


An all-new slogan hit the scene, changing from "Because Christ is here for you" to "Creativity. Passion. Inspiration." It was our best foot forward for allowing us to reach clients and guests in a new way. We also abandoned Computer Services as one of our main services for Visual Media.


What's this? A new logo? Definitely. As the convergence logo began looking like an object of past times and an icon of the early 2010s rather than the coming 2020s, we revamped our logo, changed our business model to focus strictly on Visual Media and made our slogan, "we bring the future."


AWJC Media starts getting permanent clients, and envisions a background, internal media company called Beyond Media. Beyond Media runs not only this website but all the interior content you see from the AWJC Media creative universe. We also made some slight changes to how we approach working with you.


Despite COVID-19, we made our most profitable year! We also updated our logo to match our future-forward vision. AWJC Media also moved back to its home of Spring Hill, Florida. All previous subsidiaries have been reabsorbed to help unify the AWJC Media offerings into one seamless system.


This year is just getting started, and it looks promising! Keep up with us via our new blog!

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