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Sales & Service Culture

The front line of AWJC Media's operations lies within its sales. This includes our team, our platforms, and our policies that guide you every step of the way as we help you bring the future. In every interaction, we promise exceptional service, quality, and communication that allows you to achieve your goal quickly and effectively. Our team is dedicated to be by your side every step of the way. Our platforms are designed to make self-service easy. And our policies are designed to give you flexibility and protection every time you interact with us.

Our promises as we work with you:
1. We treat all clients and guests equally. No one receives special treatment or financial benefit based on religion, sex, race, or belief.
2. All sales are governed by the Payment & Point-Of-Sale Policy, which you can find here. This policy protects you and us as we reach a common goal.
3. All requests for returns, refunds, and reworking are governed by the Returns & Exchanges Policy. This policy allows for flexibility when you experience an undesired result from your product or service.
4. We are open to discussion on any of our sales. Under certain circumstances, and at the discretion of your sales representative, prices may be lowered for certain products or services. Please consult your sales representative.

Service drives us to help you bring the future. We are dedicated to helping each and every guest and client to the best of our ability. As we serve you, we welcome any questions or concerns that may arise. Your comfort is our highest priority.

Our promises as we work with you:
1. We promise to find mutual solutions based on mutual understanding.
2. We work diligently and quickly to complete or resolve your request or problem.
3. We promise clear communication at milestones and at holdups that affect your desired timeline. We do ask for a general flexibility with your request, as unreasonable timelines will be refused for the well being of our team.
4. We put you first! If you feel neglected, please reach out with your concerns. If you had a bad experience, we'd also like to know as quickly as possible.
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