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Website Design Policy

Revision 5.27.2024 - Rendr Creativ Ownership


Policy Overview

Rendr Creativ, its affiliates, and its subsidiaries are bound by this policy and can enforce its terms and conditions with present and future clients at and from the revision date listed above. Clients are encouraged to reference policy documents and/or resources regarding each project for which Rendr Creativ is hired or commissioned. This policy oversees the process, operations, and financials of the Website Design service (“Service”). Rendr Creativ, its affiliates, and its subsidiaries (“Designer”) shall maintain this policy in accordance with local, state and federal applicable laws in all matters.



  1. Website Design Service is any service provided to a website, portal, or other browser-accessible content format (BACF) for the purposes of layout, visual design, and content editing. This also includes SEO optimization, administrative access, and recovery.

  2. Projects encompass any Service provided by themselves or together on one or more websites, portals, or BACFs, as one invoice to the client.

  3. The Website Design Agreement (“Contract”) shall be an accessory to this policy.


Project Policy

  1. During the process of providing Service to clients, a professional level of communication shall be maintained. Failure to maintain a respectful level of communication may be grounds for termination of projects, present and future, as immediate as the time of notice of termination.

  2. Inappropriate communication, such as foul language directed at the Designer employees, threats or false claims, discriminatory remarks, defamatory statements, or other socially unacceptable speech, will not be tolerated. Actions of inappropriate communication are grounds for immediate project and account termination.

  3. Throughout all transactions, clients have certain permissions and guidelines regarding the process, amount, and timing of returns. Additional security fees and deposits may apply.

  • During the duration of the project, the client may request, at any time, that adjustments and revisions be made, within the parameters of the signed Contract for that specific project. Deviation from the terms and conditions of the Contract by either party must be agreed to in writing (via email, text, or digital document).

  • Prior to project the project start date specified in the Contract, clients are permitted to request a full refund.Deposits, noted on an invoice as a Service Deposit, for the purpose of securing your place in the Designer’s workload, are non-refundable. If no deposit is listed on your invoice, this does not apply.

  • Value of the deposit is credited to the final total of your project invoice, upon project completion.

  • During the duration of the project, clients are permitted to request a partial refund or company credit up to 50% of the total invoice. Requests more than 50% will require review and approval by the Designer’s ownership. A request does not automatically guarantee a refund or credit.

  • Value of the deposit will not be refunded or credited to your invoice and/or any remaining balance due on your account, for any invoice that is delinquent or for any project cancelled during or after the project window.

  • At final date listed on the Contract, unless otherwise communicated and agreed to in writing (via email, text, or digital document), no refund shall be issued for any related invoice to the service or projects for which a refund is requested.

  • Project completion locks all project funds. All remaining balances or invoices due are expected to be paid on time and shall maintain all Invoice Policy standards. Failure to pay may result in a delinquency.


Delinquency & Termination

Delinquent account status occurs when a project is cancelled within 10 business days of the project projected end date listed on the Contract. A delinquent account status also occurs when a project policy other than those specified for delinquency here is violated.

  • A delinquent account is subject future projects receiving a Delinquency Deposit, non-refundable at any point in the process. Delinquency Deposit is not credited to your account or any invoice for any purpose. This deposit protects the interests and time of the designing employee.

  • A delinquent account may incur another delinquency or strike. After two delinquencies or strikes, an account is placed on Tier 1 Probation, which prevents the client from accessing, requesting, or participating in the Designer’s services for a period of 120 days.

  • A delinquent account will be terminated after three delinquencies or strikes. All remaining balances due will incur a $45 delinquency fee per invoice if not paid within 3 business days of the notice of termination.

  • A delinquent account that has been terminated is prohibited from accessing, requesting, or participating in the Designer’s services for a period of 3 years.

  • A delinquent account may be appealed to the Designer’s ownership, who will appoint a third-party body of individuals comprised of no fewer than three but no more than seven persons to review and determine a final decision, that may not be contested once decided.

  • The third-party body will be hereafter referred to as the Review Committee.

  • Persons on the Review Committee may not be affiliated by employment, familial status, or client-customer relationship with either party throughout the process. Any conflicts of interest should be noted to the Review Committee as soon as possible before a decision is reached.

  • An odd number of persons is required, meaning that only three, five, or seven persons may comprise the Review Committee. Should an odd count of persons and/or a split vote occur, the decision will automatically favor the Designer.

  • A termination may occur without a delinquency for certain circumstances such as medical incapacitation, business dissolution, bankruptcy (court documents required), or a financial hardship (proof of hardship required). Delinquency is the sole decision of the Designer and may still be issued in these circumstances if deemed appropriate provided the circumstances.

Post-Transaction Policy

  1. Following the completion of a project, clients and their representatives have a maximum of 7 business days to bring complaint to the project results and request additional reparative work.

  2. After 7 business days has past, the client is the sole owner of the final contents of the project.

  3. Prior to the passing of all 7 business days, the Designer reserves the right to destroy, remove, or release client access to the project and its contents in the event of a termination or delinquency. Actions taken in this step may be irreversible; clients are advised to follow proper protocol to prevent this from occurring.


Policy Authority

This policy, its contents, and related documents are considered binding when an agreement has been signed. In the event a Contract has not been signed for a project, this policy shall take precedence. Rendr Creativ reserves the right to modify this policy at any given point in time. At such time, active clients will be notified of the revision to policies affecting their services. To opt-in to email notifications, please ensure that your email on file on your account is correct. Clients may not modify, misrepresent, or otherwise change the contents of this policy for their benefit or for the benefit of someone else.

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